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As mentionend in my post best make-up products, vegan? I asked myself the question: “If vegan people have figuered it out when it comes to cosmetics, maybe eating vegan is the way to go?”

You have to understand that I was a crazy cheeeeeeese lover!

Do you know Disney’s “rescue crew” , the mouse there called Samson? yeah that’s me!

(The short clip is german but I ‘m pretty sure that this video needs no translation)

So this vegan thought didn’t delighted me at first, again – all this is radical life changing!

I wanted to recreate the sources and impressions I found during this process like a mind map of videos that inspired me. The first documentary I watched was “Fat, Sick & Nearly dead (It’s not about veganism in particular but it made an impact on me and which is maybe even more important inspired me to look further.)

The documentary (I only found a trailer) that really got me and  honestly everybody should see was “Forks over Knifes” (I watched it via Netflix)

This was the research I needed to hear! see! learn! – It started to get me thinking, scared me a bit and made me worry about my health and the health of my loved ones!

But I watched a few more documentarys and “the best speech ever” on you tube was the trigger I needed to go vegan.

(Warning it is rather graphic in between but never the less necessary.)

Now I have to be a bit carefull with using the word vegan since I do still wear and own leather bags and shoes so technically I can’t call myself vegan. I’ts not like a really care, I do not feel the need to get a “Vegan stamp” I try find a way that works for me.

A healthy lifestyle is what I am after and I try to hold myself as close to nature and natural habbits as possible.

My story goes like this.

I decided to go vegan “Food wise” and it was really hard at the beginning. I mean ridiciolously hard.

There is this whole new world opening itself up, so I decided to take it slow not putting myself under too much preasure (Rom wasn’t build in one day) And the transition from “eating normal” – (whatever that means) to Vegan actually took a while.

The first problem I was facing  was that my kitchen was FULL with “non-vegan-food” (And I’m sorry, I just can’t throw away food – Step by step was the way for me)

But what I was able to do was to make sure that from now on only vegan food found it’s way into my kitchen. Starting Immediatly.

I started with the obvious ones – NO MILK! please consider banning Cow milk out of you’re diet. Everything about Milk is bad for you, It makes you sick. Please don’t believe for one second that it is good for you like the millions of advertisments want to tell you.

And to be honest there is so much better milk out there! but I will get into that a bit later

This video made me think and consider that maybe my favorite drink/food in the whole wide world isn’t as good as I thought it was.


“Evil marketing magic” Is how I like to call it. I want to take a small detour with you showing you advertisment that was shown to “us” then and to be honest not much has changed since the golden years of advertisment. Here are some tresures for you, that are outrageous (we know now) remember just because it is on TV doesn’t mean it’s true.


This is a retro german add telling you how horrible life without sugar would be. Think about all the children that wouldn’t have any more energy! How beautifully they grow up with sugar and of course how it prevents you from getting fat. (!!???!)

( Ok, I don’t have to add much here – we all know this is crazy, sugar is “bad” it makes you fat and destoys you’re teeth and so on)



I have nothing to add on this insane advertisment campaign.

And these are the same people that make this wonderful Milk advertisments we all know.


I personaly think it is interesting how everybody (including me) just believes this calcium myth, without question.

You think you’re giving you’re body a good source of Calcium?  Think again because it is definetly not the case.

Milk containes calcium but our body is not made to consume cow’s milk. The good news is that our body learned how to deal with the intake of milk but at a high cost! We are weakening our bones during this process which results in the exact opossite in what everybody promised us. We weaken our bones. Get sick, get cancer. (watch: Forkes over Knives)

I will provide you with a better explained analysis  – Swedish study, could you’re dairy consumption rather weaken then strengthen you’re bones?

When I red this study first (on a different channel) I loved how they added at the end that you shouldn’t break out in panik but that the people who actually worked on the study ALL stopped drinking milk. Thank you, that is all the information I needed.

But what alternatives are there?

A lot is the answer!

  • The classic soja milk we all already know – please ecological (love it in coffe)
  • Have you ever tried almond milk? (horrible in coffe but delicious! on cereal)
  • Coconut milk? – hmm so yummy!
  • And my new favorite and I can’t believe! I needed to go vegan before trying this is Haselnutmilk! especially added in baking goods or (vegan) pancakes D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. You have to try Hazelnutmilk with dark chocolate! This is the best thing ever! I’ts like drinking pure nougat. Chocolate milk sucks in comparisment, even chocomel (which is a rich, creamy, Dutch chocolate drink which was my favorite until I tried Chocolate & Hazelnut)
  • Oat milk became my new weapon of choice (horrible in coffe, brilliant with cereal and for cooking) There is this Swedish company called Oatly they make all kinds of vegan “Milk products” which I am so thankfull for. As mentioned before it is  quite hard to change all you’re eating habbits and the normal dishes you used to cook. But thanks to Oatly I can have “cream” & “creme fraice” and well oatmilk for cooking – It is so easy! and to be honest when I add some milk or cream or anything to the food I prepare it is for the consistence and creamyness. Now I can still have that with the smalles of effords by just buying the other carton of “milk”.

There are more kinds of “no cow” milk but these, I listed are my favorites. A other huge plus side is that you will not drink as much milk in general. I used to have so many cups of coffee (with cow milk before) today I easily cut down on half of my coffee intake. not because I think about it – It just happened naturally.

“No cow” milk has a extremely long expiring date which is just amazing. Having not to worry to buy new milk constantly. Buying food in large quantities and then store it at home is how I like to do my shopping essentials. The basics.

There is so much more to tell you and I will in my next post.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions, feedback or Ideas…

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