Minimalism !?

I am on the journey of minimalism and since minimalism is so popular right now AND you are reading this, I am assuming you are too. Quite frankly, I am fascinated with minimalism and get so much inspiration from my… Continue reading

Why I am not Vegan anymore

I  was really living the vegan lifestyle – why did I stop? When at a restaurant/take away offers a vegan option I will always pick that, literally every time! (I do support vegan food options, with pleasure). But when trapped… Continue reading

6 Months of Vegan food

I thought I share some insights about my decision to go Vegan (food wise) It’s been 6 Months. Very fresh so to say and I can inform you already, there is no way I am ever going back. Why? Because… Continue reading

We had the best/worst time trying all-inclusive in Güllük, Turkey

  My best friend and I were planning a summer vacation together. Where we would go wasn’t as important for us as long we can take a whole week together. We ended up booking an all-inclusive hotel together, both of us… Continue reading

Vegan lifestyle

As mentionend in my post best make-up products, vegan? I asked myself the question: “If vegan people have figuered it out when it comes to cosmetics, maybe eating vegan is the way to go?” You have to understand that I… Continue reading

I always wanted a Frö

I celebrated my birthday recently ! Invited some friends over to my place for a birthday get together, this was most likely the best birthday I celebrated since living in Sweden. It was a great mixture of friends which ment… Continue reading

It’s all about the shoes

  Heels A pair of nice heels, that stretches the body and legs, and set a little extra attention to the high-waisted jeans. I love these plateau pumps! They where a absolute bargain at Dinsko. when I purchased them, I… Continue reading

Best make-up products, Vegan?

Make-up Let’s talk about Make-up, It’s pretty bad. It doesn’t matter from which brand you buy it. Make-up in all it’s variety’s that are out there – are not good. So what to do? easy, switch to Mineral Foundations! The… Continue reading

Good and healthy Skincare / Haircare

  Finally I’m set up. As mentioned in my post They put what into cosmetics? and How can I make sure to buy “good” cometic products I managed now to find my way in the jungle of cosmetic products, I’m… Continue reading