Why I am not Vegan anymore

I  was really living the vegan lifestyle – why did I stop?

When at a restaurant/take away offers a vegan option I will always pick that, literally every time! (I do support vegan food options, with pleasure). But when trapped at an airport, hungry (the worst combination) I will get myself a cheese sandwich or a veggie burger if nothing else is available.

Vegan desserts are the best – for sure.

Look at this gorgeous vegan cupcake from cupcakesthlm

Look at this gorgeous vegan cupcake from cupcakesthlm

But for real – all the labeling and justification just was a bit too much for me. In some vegan groups I joined on facebook for example, it sometimes felt like being a part of a cult where a lot of members are battling who is the most, best J-E-S-U-S like vegan. Instead of support there was a lot of ripping each other appart (from my personal experience). Some people feel like they are on the higher ground of some sorts. Personally, I found it was discouraging and I asked myself: do I want to be a member of that group? my answer to that question is – NO. I am aware that this is just my personal experience.  I strive to live as environmental friendly as possible and I simply never felt accepted (maybe could’t get accepted) from the vegan “cool” group, as long as you dare to eat a soy sausage or vegan processed foods in general. It gets especially difficult if you are wearing a piece of leather on you like shoes or a bag. Which I do, I still have items that are leather – I am not throwing them away because of dietary changes. And I guess that is the end point of my vegan journey.

I distance myself from the “Vegan label”

Now I found my peace with eating /wearing what I want and to be clear: my diet is still very plant based – I still stick to a lot of the things I learned back then.

Joyoung soy milk maker from Ali express

Let’s talk about the food habits: I still don’t drink cow milk – Now I rather say no to a cup of coffee than having it with cow milk. I  don’t enjoy the taste anymore. I still stand by the fact that I can really feel a difference in my body since I quit cow milk. Also, I got myself a Soy-milk machine which I am very happy with. I learned about this wonderful machine when I visited Hong-Kong. It blew my mind that it is the most common thing there to make fresh soy milk in the morning! I knew then that I needed a machine like that in my life and I purchased the “real deal” from Ali-express. (I can’t read the buttons but these are small details that can be figured out by trial and error) I am using this machine every day and saving so much money  (Sorry, Oatly – the company). My cooking in general is extremely plant based, I love it and I stick to it – beans and lentils are my friends, and I am happy that I opened my horizon when it comes to new dishes from different cultures. Hummus and Gari still rock my world!

I still don’t eat meat.

That was so easy to give up – I never really liked it that much.

When it comes to different fats I had a hard time finding/knowing what is best. I am referring to the margarine vs butter discussion or the german youtube video from Professor Michels that claims that coconut oil  is poison. So confusing. Do you have any tips on this topic? I am thankful for all info/tips.

For now , I decided to quit margarine (which was such a big helper when baking vegan anything)

So basically, I eat whatever I want, when I want – No label attached.

I started again with allowing myself some cheese, I describe my cooking as vegan and then I put some cheese on it. Cheese was definitely the hardest part to give up when I started my vegan journey which I am sure most people can agree with.

Roasted veggies with feta cheese - prime example for my cooking nowadays.

Roasted veggies with feta cheese – prime example for my cooking nowadays.

Typical lunch, pea soup with falafel, hummus bread

Typical lunch, pea soup with falafel, hummus bread

My love for cheese is great, but sadly my body reacted hard on the new intake. (Surprise, surprise) I gained a lot of weight during that time – which sucks quite frankly. But everything comes with a price. I couldn’t except that change and I needed to do something against that. Which brings me to my next topic:

 I did pick up running as a hobby

(I know so wild – I promise to keep it short)

When I started off, I needed to admit to myself that my level of fitness was…. well, horrible. I started my first run (3 km) and it was embarrassing, You couldn’t even call it running. It was painfully slow and I nearly died (Ok, I am being over dramatic) but it wasn’t fun at all. It continued not being fun for a long, long, long, painful time. After some more practice I signed up for a 5 km fun run and managed to (successfully) run it!

A few months later I did sign up for a 10 km run – and I made it! I am still not running any record times but this was such a big, personal milestone. I am feeling very proud that I made it. Next week I will actually join another 10 km run. Since 2019 will be the year, do I even dare to say it: the year of the half-marathon ?!

I improved my fitness level dramatically and as a consequence I lost the weight that I gained from the cheese intake – which feels good!

Let’s see what the future brings and let’s conquer this journey together!

Much love from Sweden!


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