When I went to my friends Wedding

2 of my friends got married to each other!
What a joyous occasion!
Which brings up the question “what should I wear?”
(It was a german wedding so there is no such things like bridesmaids dresses and so on)
But this time I have to say , I got pretty lucky.
The Bride was going for a “mint-green” theme – which made the colour choice rather easy.
And didn´t wanted to spend too much money on a dress that I will wear once or maybe twice.

So there it was, I got the H&M catalog send home.
Ordered it online, the price was good – I was all set.

The Dress

Well that was a unaturally easy one – perfect colour! and a cut that fit’s my body perfectly.
The belt was included with the dress, I will definetly use it some more on other outfits.

Statement necklace

Also one of my favorite items I purchased.
After a long quest of searching the perfect statement necklace, I found this one.
(I thought it was rather hard to find something that isn’t neon-coloured and full with glitter stones),
but as you see, I managed.
This necklace pimps up every outfit – it’s from a retailer, direct from China.

Wedding witness -backimage


The lovely clutch is from ASOS, I love how the colours match/miss at the same time. I think it makes the colour concept very interesting.

And what can I say about the “Ring swag” it was last minute and I needeed some jewellery that goes with my necklace, so during my lunch break I ran into H&M (again) and purchased them there.
simple but effective. The same applies for the flower clips in my hair.

nail swag

It was a beautiful Wedding.
In the beautiful German town Lippstadt, the venue was just mind blowing.
If you want to see the “romantic” side of germany and you’re not afraid to go out of Internet/satelite reach – I can only recommend Lippstadt to you.

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