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Finally I’m set up.

As mentioned in my post They put what into cosmetics? and How can I make sure to buy “good” cometic products

I managed now to find my way in the jungle of cosmetic products, I’m still a beginner but I make choices by the ingredients of the products. I try to keep them at a “good guide” health level 10! but learned rather fast that it’s not always possible. If you wish to be all natural you have to stop using cosmetic products. All of them. (Eh, I’m not there jet)
My personal absolute lowest health level is reached at 6.
It really depends on what kind of product we are talking about, everyone has to find their way – sadly it isn’t possible to ban all Chemicals, but I can choose now what get’s into contact with my skin and especially how this ingredient was made starts to grow in importance.

So I basically wan’t to show you how my skin condition changed the choices I make buying cosmetics.

Please remember With all recommendations below that the “health level” values are only for the specific item!
There are lot’s of cases where one product is very good(10) or barely made it(6), and the rest of the brands products do not rate the same way! DON’T GO AFTER BRAND! CHOOSE EACH PRODUCT INDIVIDUALY.


The biggest changes occured in my “cream” department.
I used to use a variety of day cream’s, night cream’s, eye cream’s, body lotions & hand cream’s – thinking I’m doing something good for my skin.
trying not to use cream’s at all – Is my big goal. But until then I want to share you my rescuers.


loccitane shea butter

L’occitane – Shea Butter

This is my new key item! You can use it for EVERYTHING! This pruduct is amazing. If you want to keep it simple you can Stop searching here, you found THE ONE.
As pure as it get’s with 98% Shea-butter – I’m in Love. This is the big size but I also have a small one – very handy
Don’t forget, what’s good for you’re skin is also good for you’re Hair (and the other way around).
I use it for especially for my hands and lips.


fleur chérie hand cream

A other Handcream I use when I don’t need the full thick shea butter effect is the fantastic Fleur Chérie Hand cream from L’occitane – It comes with a 10 on the health guide and the smell is incredible! I can only warmly recommend this cream.
I wish I could get this cream in a bigger size!





Burt's Bees - oil




The Mama Bee Nourishing body oil is my new “body lotion” with 10 health points!




Hair care

bar shampoo
J.R Liggett’s
I realised that it is extremely hard to find shampoos that have a good health value.
To be on the save side I do recomment “old school” Bar shampoo.
Good for short hair.




shampoo & condtioner


Already got myself organic aloe-vera shampoo + conditioner from Urtekram.

It smells like nothing (I mean that in a good way) will use this more often now.





aussie shampoo
My all time favorite shampoo’s from Aussie, just made it with a health level of 6!
(Thank god for that, since I purchased just recently a 1 Year supply in Germany) I will continue using them until I’m out. On the nagative side I’m very much worried about the Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) which are known to be skin, lung, and eye irritants.
This stuff is literally everywhere! I tried to purchase baby soap from the farmacy, guess what it is in it?
You’re quite right – Sodium lauryl sulfate.




Burt#s Bees Baby Bee

Burt’s Bees Became one of my new favorite brands.
The Baby Bee shampoo and wash, fragrance free scored 7 health points on Good guide. I use it as a body wash (best I could find so far, that isn’t ridiculously expensive)
The first time I ever heard about them was via my glossy box (very cool idea – but since my skin condition, not so much anymore. I wrote to their costumer service, asking if I could continue with their service since they do have good products in their reportoire! But the answer I got was that they can’t guarante sending only “good, healthy” products. At least I got the chance to quit my subscribtion. Very sad but what else should I do? It doesn’t make much sense to continue.



The new Lipbalm in my life is from Fruit Gorilla & Friends It smels like nothing and is as natural as it get’s with 97,6% of the ingredients from organic farming. This treasure, got send from Glossy Box.
You see they have good stuff but sadly they can’t keep the quality up for all items.

I hope you liked my post about good and healthy skincare / haircare.

you’re welcome to leave a comment below.
In my next post I will talk about make-up. (That’s a exciting one)
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