Vintage in Estonia, Tallinn

Foxy - vintage dress
I had the pleasure to visit Tallinn, Estonia… last year.
Before I went there I have to admit that I had very little – to no knowledge about Tallinn.

Tallinn has a beautiful old-town,  amazing restaurants and AMBER Boutiques everywhere.
A great amount of cultural influences and most likely the nicest people I ever met.
Everybody speaks incredibly good english, which surprised me a bit at the start but thinking about all the historical backgrounds – it makes sense.

(Also is Tallinn, the only place I visited so far that has free public transport for its citizens, that’s what I call innovative.)

As on every trip, I made sure to know about all the Secondhand Shops..
Here I want to show you my 2 favorites!

Funkadelik – I found so many beautiful bags & shoes there!


The Foxy Vintage

Here are 2 other dresses I found during my Second hand shopping spree


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  1. Sounds very interesting!!! When I visited Tallinn I didn’t find a vintage shop there, but by chance we passed by a flea market, and I found nice old silver jewelry with amber there. Definitively a place to visit!! And next time I’ll have a look at the shops you mentioned :).

    Have a nice Sunday!

    Rosa – new post

    • Hi There!
      Yeah! it wasn’t easy to find good Vintage shops!
      One of those I posted was actually located on the 2nd floor in a normal House.
      Which means you needed to know where it is, ring the bell and wait until they let you in 🙂
      But I asked in different Secondhandshops and they all helped me finding more secondhand shops..
      They even drew them in my map so I could actually find them 🙂
      Lovely people!

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