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This is a real vintage treasure, purchased from one of my friends who had her own vintage shop (in Stuttgart).
She put so much love into all the items she found, washed them, ironed them and even repaired them.
Sadly having your own business is tough, especially in a world where mass consum stands in focus.
She needed to close her shop, it was extremely sad, but I managed to get my hands on this incredible American vintage dress.
Isn’t the cut just amazing? – One of a kind, that’s for sure.
It’s so cosy, perfect for the cold times of the year.


This beautiful Vintage purse is from Stadsmissionen, If you’re ever in Stockholm and you’re a vintage lover, you have to go into this store.
I love the slogan “from Stockholm to Stockholm” (I hope I can translate it like that).
The whole area is fantastic, basically all my favorite cafés are there – heaps of cute, little, private owned boutiques.


The shoes are my “Secondhand find” from Heidelberg, Germany – I mentioned them in my “Kick-ass outfit” post.
(Because I do wear my clothes/shoes more than once)


The hair band with a big puffy bow on it – must be H&M if I remember correctly.

The ring is from one of my favorite shops called Indiska (which translates to “Indish”)
So far I only saw this shop in Sweden, why? well that’s a good question.

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