6 Months of Vegan food


I thought I share some insights about my decision to go Vegan (food wise) It’s been 6 Months. Very fresh so to say and I can inform you already, there is no way I am ever going back. Why? Because… Continue Reading

I always wanted a Frö

Frö - frauleinbutterfly style

I celebrated my birthday recently ! Invited some friends over to my place for a birthday get together, this was most likely the best birthday I celebrated since living in Sweden. It was a great mixture of friends which ment… Continue Reading

Vintage – Grafitti

vintage - grafitti close up

Dress This is a real vintage treasure, purchased from one of my friends who had her own vintage shop (in Stuttgart). She put so much love into all the items she found, washed them, ironed them and even repaired them.… Continue Reading

Autumn twins


Hat That hat was actually a gift, Vintage of course! I got it from my “partner in crime” (cause it was too small for him, lucky me) Jacket Jacket, blouse or whatever you wanna call it. It’s from ASOS (or… Continue Reading

Kick-ass outfit

About frauleinbutterfly

One of my Instagram followers entitled that outfit post with “Kick-ass outfit” – I like it! Overall This Overall is from H&M, I’m always surprised about how much H&M I’m actually wearing. Even though I try to hold it at… Continue Reading

Art & Frauleinbutterfly

mish frauleinbutterfly

I’m a big fan of art and love to create myself. It doesn’t matter in which media: video, print, graphic design, drawing, skulpture, tattoo’s, photography, painting, furniture design, dance – and so much more. basically everything that pleases the eye… Continue Reading

Happy Casual

cat flats

I was thinking going through my favorite outfits – and tell you a little bit about them. kind of a behind the scenes, if you like… Hat Love, love, love this Hat! It is warm, keeps the rain away and… Continue Reading

SNES – there is nothing better

pixel me

I’ve been to Stockholm’s Comic con this year – it was so much fun and I made the best purchase EVER! A Super Nintendo (On a side note: I’m still undefeated in Mario-Kart but only on the Mushroom Cup) This… Continue Reading

I <3 glasses

Crazy flower sunnies

Because life is to short – for boring glasses. I mean….I wear them directly on my face – literally surrounding my eyes. So they get a little extra prioritised. I just want to make sure that my glasses express myself… Continue Reading