SNES – there is nothing better

I’ve been to Stockholm’s Comic Con this year – it was so much fun and I made the best purchase EVER!

A Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo
(On a side note: I’m still undefeated in Mario-Kart but only on the Mushroom Cup)

This genius piece of electronic device, fullfilled my life with so many hours of happieness and devastation at the same time – a real challenge.
I purchased this from a company called Retroplay, still can’t believe that there is someone out there who would give away their Super Nintendo!? (well good for me, who desperately needs a second one for my home in Sweden).

Retroplay is awesome – they have everything my teenage-gamer heart always wanted and my grown-up wallet can now afford.

So I needed to get some games for sure:

1. Super Mario All Stars & Super Mario World – That is THE game for this console a absolute must have!
(If you don’t have it jet, Stop reading and get it NOW, but that is impossible, EVERYBODY needs to have this game for Super Nintendo)

2. Donkey Kong – so much yes! incredible fun!

3. Zelda – I have to admit that I haven’t played Zelda before and now that I got it, I realise that I have no natural gift for this game – but I’m working on it.

4. Street Fighter II – Also a absolute must, especially when you want to play together as 2 players.

5. Turtles – Everything with the turtles is great – cowabunga!

These are hands down the most important ones for me.

6. Aladdin – great game! I like it a lot.

7. Lion King – Also a real classic!

8. The Pagemaster – I got this game just recently and it is so hard! but that’s what it is with most Super Nintendo games, they are a real challenge.

9. Dragons Lair – It’s amazing and so hard! different from the original arcade version but never the less super fun to play.

And that is it on games I have.
For me, Super Nintendo is until this day the best console ever! I love the games (although a memory card couldn’t hurt)
I love the graphics in Super Nintendo (not too much and not too little)
Personally I don’t like all these new, crazy, advanced, virtual reality stuff – Ego shooters and so on….BORING!

The gamer market is full of new ego-shooters, everything is faster, harder, better, stronger looks more realistic and so on – great, its only…… it’s so BORING!

2D is all I need, It actually feels like playing a game.
So where are all the good new games?

Isn’t there anyone out there making a great game!?
And I’m not talking about a girly, stereotype, all pink version.

Where is the “new” Mario world ,Donkey Kong , Zelda and Sonic?

Do you know?

In the mean time, I’m enjoying the inspiration I get from these games and apply them to my photography.

pixel selfiepixel me

I actually found some awesome games – they have nothing to do with Nintendo Super Nintendo
but for Ipad because it is the future and the future is now.

knights of pen and paper

Knights of Pen & Paper
what a hilariously awesome game!
If you are into Dungeon’s and Dragon’s and Pokémon. This is the game for you.
A big fat minus goes out to the pice (around 5EUR/50SEK)
And what I personally hate is the option to buy coins and stuff. So if you don’t watch out and run out of you’re energy, you’re stuck and the only way to revive you’re characters is over buying new coins with real money.
Or you have to start over again.
Big no-no especially when I payed 5EUR upfront for the game.
If I would’ve known that from the beginning I might would’ve purchased it.
But now I got and like it but maybe there will be some changes in the future?

only one
Only one  The game is basically what the name states.
You stand alone with your sword. There are more people also having swords and your goal is to be the last one standing, sounds easy? It’s not.
Sometimes the game is over rather fast but I do love the simple graphics and it’s brilliant simplicity.


Machinarium A other pearl that has nothing to do with 8-bit but that is never the less awesome. WOW! I just love the Art dispalyed in this master piece.
It’s not too hard to solve but it can be tricky sometimes. It cost’s around 5€ and is worth every cent.
The interaction with the robot is very unique and forces you “to think outside of the box” – I like a good brain teaser.

All of these Apps where found in the list The 100 best IPad & IPod games.

I will keep updating this list but if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it a lot 🙂
Leave a comment below.

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