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Kleiderkreisel dress
Fun dress
Dress and jeans For me it is mostly onlineshopping that went wrong.

Kleiderkreisel is a German community where people (like me) can sell, exchange or give away their clothes that they don’t want anymore.
You know how it is… The seizes or cut are not really as described, or you simply need some space in your closet.

But thanks to this community you can give your clothes a new loving home – how thoughtful – I like.
I don’t know how it is for you but I do sometimes have very close “relationships” to my clothes and most of the times it is rather hard to part myself from them. Even if I haven’t worn them for quite some time.

So far I only had good experiences with this community.
But you have to be carefull since there are black sheep in the Kleiderkreisel community.
I recommend to read the ratings of each and every person (You’re intrested to purchase or switch a item from)
to make sure that they pay in time and deliver the advertised item.
But basically every user gives a honest feedback so that feels actually very good and save.

When it comes to add content – I can not enough emphasise how important the pictures are that you are using to upload.
If you want to sell you’re clothes, take that extra time and make shure to display the clothes in the nices possible way.
Ironing the clothes before taking a picture can allready make a big difference.
(sometimes the difference in what you can sell you’re item for ranges inbetween 10EUR -20EUR just based if you simply ironed your piece or not.)

The only down side so far, is that it’s only available in Germany… But you never know maybe that will change.

Here I wanted to show you two of the pictures I submitted for one of my Items that is available on Kleiderkreisel
besuche mich auf Kleiderkreisel

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