Kick-ass outfit

Kick-ass outfit

Kick-ass outfit

One of my Instagram followers entitled that outfit post with “Kick-ass outfit” – I like it!


This Overall is from H&M, I’m always surprised about how much H&M I’m actually wearing.
Even though I try to hold it at a absolute minimum, I still find myself with more H&M on me as originally intended.
But what can I say, I love H&M for all it’s basics!


This beautiful clutch was a ASOS bargain – It’s soooo soft


My favorite topic! these beautiful cream leather booties are from a secondhand shop in Heidelberg, Germany. I got these years ago, the heel was broken but I gave them to my “Shoe guy” and he fixed them <3


The glasses I’m holding was a free give away in one of my favorit magazines, they look nice but of course the quality isn’t good – perfect Beach glasses!

The Ring is from Ciaobobby!

The nailpolish is from The Make Up Store. the colour is called Jerry

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