I always wanted a Frö

I celebrated my birthday recently !

Invited some friends over to my place for a birthday get together, this was most likely the best birthday I celebrated since living in Sweden.

It was a great mixture of friends which ment that everybody got along with everybody and in generral it was a great vibe!

You know what they say” You’re vibe attracts you’re tribe”

I wanna thank everybody who came to my birthday and made it a special day.

Also I felt the need to share with you one of the amazing gift’s I got!

A custom made “Frö” from a swedish longboard company called Urskog.

 you might ask yourself what does “Frö” mean? It’s Swedish and translates to “seed”.

Frö - frauleinbutterfly style

But this specific Frö was created by Thomas Pianta my partner in crime.


“Ready, set, GO!”

Frö under

The Frö is the shortest longboard ever by Urskog – which is a Stockholm based longboard brand that makes all their boards out of the “old forests” of Sweden, which shows in the very unique pattern of every board.

I’m extremely happy about this incredible piece of art and might have to add that it is too beautiful to actually ride it.

Big thank’s goes to  Isteef aswell who’s artwork “Viking princess” found it’s way on the custom designed Frö – Frauleinbutterfly style.

I wrote about Isteef’s art before on my post Art & Frauleinbutterfly – check it out if you like.

If you want to know more about the brand Urskog, please visit their homepage – they have more informatiom there.

The weels are from  a brand called North best wheels

(love the slogan “wheels and such”, on a sidenote they are incredible!)

Furthermore a big thank you to the Sweden Mountainboard Association

who gave me the great honour and made me their “covergirl” – I’m extremely flattered – of course.

sweden Mountain board association

And here some pictures of me aka. Frauleinbutterfly in action

frauleinbutterfly in action 1frauleinbutterfly in action 2

first ride frauleinbutterfly

In this picture you see me on my first ride ever on a Mountainboard! – Literally just pumped  air in the tires in Malmö, Sweden.

I hope you enjoyed this post that is a little bit unusual from the other post’s but as I said, I keep my mind open and everything is possible!

I also started a Pinterest account, come and visit me!

frauleinbutterfly logo


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