How can I make sure to buy “good” cosmetics?

My skin got sick, I’m confused, quite frankly scared and I feel like a total idiot.


I’m especially pissed with Bobbi Brown since this was my absolute favorite brand, when it comes to make-up.

All this new knowledge should make me happy.
Because honestly, I will save so much money on this but it took my routines from me.
Every year around Christmas I went to Breuninger in Stuttgart, Germany to stash up a one year supply on beauty products.
You can’t really get Bobbi Brown in Sweden (maybe Sweden knew all along?), costed a fortune but that was not even the point.
I’ts fun to walk around in that cosmetic department – everything sparkles! is pretty! and smells so good!
My highlight of the year! – again this was a big hobby and pleasure of mine. Not anymore.

I got in contact with Breuninger customer service, talking about my situation – they passed it on to Bobbi Brown.

(Here I am delighted to inform you that they will take back all their products, transfer my money back and even reimburse my postal fee. Which is very lovely to see that there is such a thing as costumer service. I do appreciate that very much.
So I am happy to continue shopping there, maybe not so much any more in their cosmetics department as in their Handbag department. But that’s a different topic.)

How could I’ve fallen for all the lies of cosmetic companys?
Thinking with purchasing a “brand name product” like Bobbi Brown that sales themselfes as “natural” (and that’s exactly where the problem is) They never said that their products are natural or anything of that sort they just made me and million other people believe that they are “natural” – brilliant marketing ofcourse and I totally fell for it. On her Wikipedia pages it states: “Bobbi Brown who herself is the Contributing Beauty & Lifestyle Editor of Health magazine.” (There it is again). I believed it and never bothered to actually check. It was infront of my nose on every box.
But of course Bobbi Brown is not the only brand that uses marketing strategies like that. There are heaps of companies out there

working their evil marketing magic on all of us.

Brands I thought where “save”

like Benefit, Mac, Clinique, The Body Shop, Lush, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Dove and even L’occitane.

But I have to add that there are products that are actually good from these brands! – you need to learn to filter them through.

That’s exactly what I did.

During my research for natural alternatives, I found a fabulous app called Good guide (also available for android)

good guide

(I have to add that I don’t agree with all their product ratings- Petroleum products are classified as save. Again you have to make you’re own decision. Start thinking for yourself, but it is a very good guide line -as the name states.)

The app helped me a lot!
I was able to look up (most) of my products I have at home needles to say that there was a lot I immediately threw away.

Frauleinbutterfly & L’occitane

Beeing a huge fan of L’occitane, it was especially devastating to find out that my all time favorite products from there where not as natural as they wanted me to believe.
My conflict was that I kinda didn’t wanted to throw them away but also could’t give them away to someone who might get sick from them – like me.
I packed them and went to the store here in Stockholm with a open mind and the wish for a open discussion.
And the store manager, was a pure delight. Over the App I found good alternatives to the creams I purchased.
Without any hassitations they took back my used products and exchanged them to the products I chose.
They became my favorites soon. (The Shea butter is amazing)
I had literally no expectations and was positively surprised.
Well done L’occitane!

Come to think of it, I remember that when I was about 12 years old, I had a friend whos parents both where doctors.
Checking out her Mom’s cosmetic stash (which was super exciting back then) was in fact incredible boring. Only Weleda and Ecological stuff, nothing fun in there) – Well they knew.

Same with one of my best friends who worked in health care. She posseses exactly 2 creams (Face cream + Hand cream), purchased at the Pharmacy.
Talking to her, she stated that if you want to keep your skin healthy you should not at all use creams. Cause you’re skin forget’s how to take care of itself, and by all the washing, cleanig, creaming – you take away all the good “bacteria” on your skin that helps fighting all the “bad stuff” from the outside.

What I’m wondering is how many more people need to get sick before anything changes in cosmetic policy?
as stated earlier, I’m not alone.
Why is there no outrage?
What I can do is, write this article hoping that it will help you, finding you’re way in the jungle of advertisment, marketing to healthy cosmetic alternatives.
To prevent you from getting a sick skin.

Well, I will not stop completely with every beauty product ever.
But I definetly learned my lesson and exchanged everything into the ecological version of it.
How? – That I will show you in my next post.
What changed, what needed to go and what stayed.

What do you think?
Let me know and post a comment below.

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