Happy Casual

I was thinking going through my favorite outfits – and tell you a little bit about them.

kind of a behind the scenes, if you like…

Happy casual


Love, love, love this Hat! It is
warm, keeps the rain away and actually fit’s my head.
I can wear it when it’s windy, without being afraid to loose it.
This has been a Vintage find – in Tallinn


Was a vintage find in Stockholm (Stadsmission if I remember correctly)


Plain, simple H&M


American Apparel (got them maybe 5 Years ago? – I like, when I do have a fashion taste/sense that completely goes by the mass and as a result I can buy the best items on sale!)


H&M – this is one of my absolute favourite bags (I’ve worn it so down over the Years) – I call her “Marry Poppin’s bag”, since literally, EVERYTHING fit’s in it.


ASOS, aren’t they cute? – for all of you who didn’t knew what ASOS stands for, It means = as seen on stars.

cat flats


Vivienne Westwood, this is the only wrist watch I ever bought for myself.
I love the look of it reminds me of Disney.

Leather bracelets

Got them from a beach stand on Cyprus while on vacation there.

Vivienne Westwood

I hope you liked my outfit post, maybe the first of many?

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