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A pair of nice heels, that stretches the body and legs, and set a little extra attention to the high-waisted jeans. I love these plateau pumps! They where a absolute bargain at Dinsko.
when I purchased them, I remember the lady behind the counter more or less congratulatet me to my purchase.
Yeah – it was a good one.
And I used them since as a key item in my outfits, the beige of the shoe matches my skin colour perfectly, I feel that stretches my short legs even more. and the plateau does the rest. I’m so tall wearing them, which is fun from time to time.

Fur vest

I never used to be a big “Fur” fan but honestly since moving to sweden – wearing fur makes actual sense when it has -20 degres (or colder).
Not that it makes it any better, but this fur vest was originally a second hand fur coat.
(If you’re into Fur, you get them dirt cheap in Sweden, well seconhand of course)
The down side with the fur coat beeing secondhand was that it broke on several parts (especially the arms where – beyond repair.)
So, I cut everything off – and now I have a vest.
Simple and effective, cheap and stylish. I try to see it like I gave this coat a second chance.


High-waist Jeans

All this outfit needs is my all time favorite high-waist Jeans from Cheap Monday. Paired with a simple plain top.


A gift from my sister, she decided 10 Years ago to never wear pants again and I adopted that poor belt.

Same shoes different outfit

Streets of Stockholm/ frauleinbutterfly


H&M – because it’s just too easy not to.

Jacket & top

Is from Bik Bok a different Swedish brand which is very close to H&M style wise also on it’s price range.
They have my all time favorite peplum shirts, I don’t even know how many I purchased in all colours and in 2 different sizes (Summer & Winter – if catch my drift here.)
I love that shop, sometimes but really only sometimes they have gorgeous jewellery.


The amulett is from a friend of mine, I LOVE IT! it reminds me of the one worn in The Neverending Story (By Michael Ende, If you haven’t read the book jet – go and do it.) but to get back to my friend who is fabulous, stylish, gay and has the most amazing vintage jewellery collection you can ever imagine.
Thank you for this piece of jewellery.
The bag is from a Chinese retailer. You can find this bag all over the net, look for “Vintage bag” I promise you will find it.

High-waist jeans

This pair is from Monki, also a nice fun shop to go to. In case you’re thinking about visiting Stockholm. Sometimes a bit too trendy for my taste. Or I’m just not trendy enough? could also be a valid alternative.

All good things comes in three’s



One more outfit I matched with my all time favorite plateau pumps!

Cashmere Jacket

Here you see my rather unspectacular cashmere Jacket (colour matching) but it is the softest, warmest Jacket i own. It was a Second hand find.


Is the same as above, from my sister.


The golden bracelette’s are from H&M


These I got grom JC – The Jeans Company, I have a hard time finding Jeans that fit me ( since I’m short) but this pair of Jeans was love at first sight – fit’s perfectly! maybe that’s because it is a 3/4 leg, not on me that is.

Hope You enjoyed todays outfit post

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