We had the best/worst time trying all-inclusive in Güllük, Turkey

  My best friend and I were planning a summer vacation together. Where we would go wasn’t as important for us as long we can take a whole week together. We ended up booking an all-inclusive hotel together, both of us… Continue reading

When I went to my friends Wedding

2 of my friends got married to each other! What a joyous occasion! Which brings up the question “what should I wear?” (It was a german wedding so there is no such things like bridesmaids dresses and so on) But… Continue reading

Vintage in Estonia, Tallinn

I had the pleasure to visit Tallinn, Estonia… last year. Before I went there I have to admit that I had very little – to no knowledge about Tallinn. Tallinn has a beautiful old-town,  amazing restaurants and AMBER Boutiques everywhere.… Continue reading