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I’m a big fan of art and love to create myself.
It doesn’t matter in which media: video, print, graphic design, drawing, skulpture, tattoo’s, photography, painting, furniture design, dance – and so much more.
basically everything that pleases the eye – pleases me.

All started with Instagram.
I found wonderful people, wonderful fashion accounts, amazing photography and incredible talanted Artist’s.

People, I can honestly say became my friends – even though I never met them in real life.
(Its pretty interesting/scary to see how “new media” changes our way of communication, but that’s a other topic)

Stephan Brusche aka @isteef


I’m a big fan of isteef!
His fruit doodles (Banana-Art!) are amazing!, but he does so much more.
Visit his Homepage now, If you haven’t seen his incredible art jet.
Wonderfull illustrations, gnomes and “The bunny of doom” are waiting for you.
He’s creativity seems to have no limit.

isteef&Frauleinbutterflyviking princess

Of course I want to be a Viking princess – on #Vikingfriday

Michal Meshulam aka Mishdesign


What can I tell you about this amazing Artist.
She comes from Israel and I just love her style!
It’s so complex and simple at the same time – beautifuly executed
I can’t get enough of her Artwork!

imagebow ring

I framed this wonderful abstract portrait

Tzen Han Liao aka @tzenhan


Soft lines and playfull aquarells from Taiwan.
tzenhan has the skill to capture and display a very romantic and beautiful side of Women.
It’s like escaping into a other world – a world in which all women are fairy-like.


wonderful work


As the name states, Jedtattoos is originally a tattoo artist working at Vintage tattoo. USA.
He surprised me with this piece he did from one of my Instagram photos! – I love to be a muse <3
He’s style is very dark mostly, nearly grunge with a hint of Rock n’ Roll and Metal. (If you look at his work, I hope you get what I mean) But there is also the occational soft coloured piece – such variety.

jedtattoos - frauleinbutterflyfrauleinbutterfly portait

Jediah, thank you for making a exception by switching you’re art, from skin to paper:)
You want to see more of his artwork? check out his Instagram @jedtattoos

frauleinbutterfly logo


Welcome to my world - Stuttgart/Stockholm - photography - personal style - everything vintage - free spirit & old soul

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