Welcome to my World

I’m half Swedish half German.
Growing up in Stuttgart, Germany I eventually left my hometown to live in Stockholm, Sweden which is now also my hometown.
Bohemian spirit & old soul
I never blogged before but I figured, learning by doing, eventually everything will fall in it’s place.
So far it’s FUN!

Everything is possible

Are you excited for what I will blog next about? – me too.
I want to share my photography with you. Art & projects I was involved in.
Love, Love, Love vintage fashion. Ofcourse the occational outfit post won’t be missing.
Considering myself quite open to basically anything that is creative.
I hope you enjoy the mix.

There will be posts from my travels, streetart, nerdy things, games, videos, recently I added health & Life style.

I started out on Tumblr working on my streetart photography and later discovered Instagram.
Which turned out to become a huge hobby of mine. So I simply took it one step further with creating my own homepage/blog.

Do you have any questions?
Please ask away!

I do write in English but feel free to comment in Swedish or in German
(I apologize in advance for misspelling: my Laptop is German, My phone and Computer Swedish and my Ipad English.)
Autocorrect and I have our difficulties. If you use more then one language on everyday life, you know the feeling.

If you want to get in contact with me you can write me over my Facebook page: /Frauleinbutterflystockholm

or write me a e-mail: pia.olsson@frauleinbutterfly.com

frauleinbutterfly logo

frauleinbutterfly logo


  1. Hallo :)

    Just wanna say that I really like your work and it was a pleasure browsing through. You’re a cool girl and i’ll keep an eye on your profile for more goodies ;)

    Have a nice day,

    • Oh well thank you so much for that lovely comment. I do appreciate it a lot that you took the time to write me such kind words. I hope I will not disappoint!
      Yours truly

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